Fig & Pearl

Fig & Pearl was born from the desire to elevate the modern woman. We love all the finer things in life, levelling-up, and pampering ourselves because we know we are worth the effort, care, and attention. We know that to be confident and thrive, we need to show ourselves a little TLC. When you are loving towards yourself, it allows you to create a positive space for yourself to thrive. We know that living your best, most luxurious life doesn’t happen overnight. Your best life will be manifested in little steps, enacted repeatedly until that life is not a “dream” or a “novelty” but an expected reality for you. You have to transform the little, mundane things in life into a luxurious experience.

So at Fig & Pearl, we want to create products that will enhance your everyday lives with that little extra sparkle of opulence that you deserve. We create gorgeous, skin-loving artisan soaps so that a seemingly mundane activity like bathing can be transformed into a moment of indulgence. We spoil you by crafting our soaps with silky oils and natural ingredients, so your skin is lovingly pampered with the best in every wash. It’s the little acts of caring for yourself that build the reality you’ve always wanted, where you are the main character: the confident, ambitious, and classy woman you’ve always wanted to be.